GraphQL at Twitter

Tom Ashworth (@tgvashworth) is a software engineer on the core services team at Twitter. Tom's going to give us a whirlwind tour of how GraphQL fits into the architecture at Twitter. We're going to cover: The Twitter GraphQL API and how it fits into Twitter's microservices architecture… Read more

Supercharge your GraphQL Development

Supercharge your GraphQL Development Jon Wong is a Frontend Infrastructure Engineer at Coursera. He thinks a lot about developer productivity, and recently has been thinking often about how people use GraphQL. Today, Jon claims he'll teach us how to supercharge our GraphQL development faster than… Read more

Building a Large-Scale Multi-Branded Web App on GQL Foundation

Ugur Korfali and Tom Suijkerbuijk are frontend engineers at KLM-Air France. They are using GraphQL in a new application that's currently being developed, and has been rolled out in some smaller markets, and is slowly being rolled out in more regions. They started working on this project on July 201… Read more

Building Native Mobile Apps with GraphQL

Martijn Walraven is an open source developer on the Apollo team. The first ever app that used GraphQL is the Facebook mobile app, which has used GraphQL in production since 2012. It is in the context of this mobile app that GrpahQL was developed and created. The team at Facebook came up with… Read more

GraphQL Under the Hood

Intro Eric Baer ( @ebaerbaerbaer ) JavaScript consultant with Formidable is taking us on an exploration of what GraphQL looks like under the hood. What is GraphQL? In order to understand how GraphQL works, we need to first have an understanding of what GraphQL is. GraphQL has a large, quick moving… Read more

GraphQL on the Edge

Liveblog: GraphQL on the Edge Michael Fix, from Intuit. tl;dr: Adding a GraphQL layer on top of everything else in your stack (on “the edge”) is a fantastic shield for your sensitive internal stuff. Writing queries that you expect to fail is a fun and easy way to do unit testing for your API and… Read more

Handling Authentication and Authorization in GraphQL

Ryan Chenkie ( @ryanchenkie ) is a developer advocate at Auth0, a Google Developer Expert and teaches a lot about Angular and GraphQL. Phoenix Phoenix is a tool built by Auth0 that allows new employees to get permissions to the GitHub org, npm org, etc. by asking the Phoenix bot on Slack. How to do… Read more

Managing Massive Schemas with Codegen

Adam Kramer has been a software engineer at Facebook since 2008, working on the largest GraphQL server in the world for the last a year and a half. In addition to an engineering career, he holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and is interested in developing highly usable engineering systems to make software… Read more

Teaching GraphQL

Leanne Shapton ( @leeshapton ) is a software developer at Shopify. Shopify released its public Storefront GraphQL API earlier this year. Leanne's job was to create sample React apps that demonstrated the capabilities of Shopify's new APIs. This talk will cover a few things A model for learning new… Read more

The GraphQL Stack: How everything fits together

Sashko (@stubailo) has been working on open source developer tools for the last 4 years, and most recently has been leading the open source projects from the Apollo team, after writing the very first versions of Apollo Client. Previously, he has worked on JavaScript build tooling and reactive data… Read more

What went wrong? Best Practices for Surfacing Error Messages in a GraphQL API

Dhruv Kapadia is a backend developer at Khan Academy, where their mission to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. Khan Academy started using GraphQL in production 9 months ago. They had a large existing API but found GraphQL easy to adopt. Today Dhruv will talk about how the… Read more

Twitch: Our GraphQL Transformation

Tony Ghita is an engineer at Twitch on the API platform team. He's been leading GraphQL API implementation efforts at Twitch for the past year or so. You can find him on Github, Twitch, and Twitter as tonyghita. Tony says you can also check the Equifax dump for further information. Tony begins with… Read more

Full-Stack Subscriptions

Robert Zhu ( @rbzhu is a software engineer at Facebook, working on GraphQL. Before, Robert worked at companies like Microsoft and even founded his own company. This talk explains the What, Why and How of Subscriptions, how to build your own GraphQL subscriptions server and the differences to live… Read more

WordPress GraphQL: Bringing GraphQL to 28% of the Internet

Jason Bahl is a Senior WordPress Engineer at Digital First Media in Denver. He's been a WordPress developer for 9+ years and a GraphQL developer for about 1.5 years. He is the creator and maintainer of WPGraphQL . Agenda Why WordPress + GraphQL? For Digital First Media Greater WordPress Community… Read more

GraphQL: Client-Driven Development

Dan Schafer ( @dlschafer ) is the co-creator of GraphQL and works as a software engineer at Facebook. He spent 2 years on the Newsfeed team before he joined the team that would eventually create GraphQL. Today, he's talking about some of the fundamental characteristics of GraphQL and how they… Read more

GraphQL at massive scale: GraphQL as the glue in a microservice architecture

Jason Lengstorf (@jlengstorf) of IBM talks about how IBM uses GraphQL as the lingua franca of their microservices architecture. Jason is a senior developer and frontend architect for IBM Cloud who has been doing web-related development for 15 years. He is obsessed with processes and efficiency… Read more

Designing with GraphQL

Brian Lovin @brian_lovin Brian is a co-founder at Spectrum, a platform for building communities online. He has a background in product design and previously worked at Facebook and Buffer. Brian currently lives and works in SF with his dog, Taco. The Gap Two side of the gap, one side being… Read more

Extending the Limits of GraphQL - Syrus Akbary

About the Speaker Syrus Akbary (@syrusakbary) is a prolific contributor in the GraphQL community. He has written and maintained ~ 20 packages including Python's graphene server and the Django integration graphene-django . I got the chance to hang out with him at the GraphQL, and you would be… Read more

Building GraphQL-native Microservices

Who is Johannes Based in Berlin and San Francisco Background in Node, Rust, Swift, Go Built a VR company in the past GraphQL Open Source Tooling Graphcool has a number of open source projects, including arguably the smallest GraphQL client out there, a CLI tool, and a GraphQL Playground which is a… Read more

Getting buy-in: a recipe for graphQL adoption

Jira Vinyoopongphan @thekamahele Software Engineer @ Capital One Jira is a Software Engineer at Capital One who is passionate about GraphQL and JavaScript. She has worked on everything from consumer apps and Node.js platforms to marketing pages. When not coding, Jira can be found roaming around… Read more

GraphQL Productivity

Abhi Aiyer @abhiaiyer Senior Software Engineer @ Workpop Abhi is a life architect, but has mainly used his talents for technology. He used to love Object Oriented Problem Solving, but now finds himself in the functional world…"Schemin". Technology is not only a passion but an outlet for creative… Read more

Lee Byron kicks things off

Lee Byron kicks things off here at GraphQL Summit. He was on the original GraphQL team, working to make mobile development better at Facebook. A little over 2 years ago, they wrote it up as an official spec and released it publicly. Today, we're going to hear from companies big and small about how… Read more

Setting up GraphQL in complicated APIs

Brian Douglas ( @bdougieYO ) is a software engineer at Netlify. Netlify uses the JAMstack , a modern web architecture for high-performance, secure, scalable, developer-friendly apps. It requires client-side JavaScript for interactivity, reusable APIs, and statically built markup templates. Today… Read more

Universal GraphQL

About the speaker James Baxley is an Open Source Developer at Apollo. He is currently the lead of the Apollo Client Project making GraphQL easy to use in all applications. He's also a part-time beekeeper. Apollo Client 2.0: Discovering Universal GraphQL in Practice Apollo 2.0 is a "universal… Read more

Liveblogging GraphQL Summit 2017

We're excited to be the official liveblogging partner for GraphQL Summit 2017! The Sourcegraph team and esteemed members of the community will be writing up concise technical summaries of as many of the amazing talks by GraphQL experts this year as we can. For folks tuning in from home, the liveblog… Read more