Sourcegraph case studies

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Nutanix fixed Log4j quickly and confidently with Sourcegraph. Learn more.

FactSet logo

FactSet migrates from Perforce to GitHub. Learn more.

Cloudflare logo

Cloudflare accelerates debugging and improves security. Learn more.

Indeed logo

Indeed keeps code up to date and accelerates development velocity. Learn more.

Workiva logo

Workiva reduces the time it takes to make large-scale code changes by 80%. Learn more.

CERN logo

Sourcegraph empowers CERN to tackle code reuse and code changes in mission-critical applications. Learn more.

Criteo logo

Criteo uses Sourcegraph universal code search to tackle Big Code. Learn more.

F5 logo

F5 streamlines collaboration for global and distributed software teams. Learn more.

Convoy logo

Convoy improves developer onboarding. Learn more.

Lyft logo

Lyft ensures production stability during monolith to microservices transition. Learn more.

Quantcast logo

Quantcast accelerates large scale refactoring. Learn more.

Sofi logo

SoFi manages hundreds of microservices. Learn more.

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Sourcegraph empowers developers at Yelp to ship code faster and more reliably than ever before. Learn more.

Thorn logo

Thorn deprecates legacy code safely. Learn more.

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