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Sourcegraph is a code search and browsing tool with code intelligence (go-to-definition and find-references, even across repositories). It just works, it runs in your web browser, and it integrates with GitHub.

Sourcegraph is always free for open-source projects. Teams can choose a paid plan.

Sourcegraph is used by development teams all around the world:

"Sourcegraph brings the tools I used to have at Google to my engineers today, allowing us to use best in class developer tools at every stage of our company’s growth."

Ming Jiang CTO at Redtea Mobile

"Learning a new code base using @srcgraph is extra dope!"

Kelsey Hightower

Use Sourcegraph.com

Ideal for developers and teams using GitHub.com, and for everyone using open-source code.

Host Sourcegraph yourself

Ideal for teams using another code host or needing flexible deployment options.