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Sourcegraph Universal Code Search provides code discovery, code intelligence, and code change management.

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GitLab adds code navigation with Sourcegraph

Sourcegraph has the best find-definition, find-references, and intelligent code navigation capability on the planet—and they brought it to GitLab.

Sid Sijbrandij, GitLab CEO

GitLab has partnered with Sourcegraph to provide code navigation natively to GitLab users

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Featured blog posts

Sourcegraph 3.16: Search past releases, get started with campaigns, and enjoy syntax highlighting improvements

Read about and watch videos of the features released in Sourcegraph 3.16 on May 20, 2020. Upgrade your Sourcegraph instance today!

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We made a children's book titled "Our "ABCs: Always Be Coding" and it's free to download

We've created a new digital children's book titled "Our ABCs: Always Be Coding”—for all children at home that wonder what their techie parents do all day, night, and some weekends, too!

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Universal Code Intelligence for GitHub with the Sourcegraph browser extension

Universal Code Intelligence for GitHub means bringing code navigation features such as hover tooltips, go to definition, and find references to every code view and pull request, supporting every popular language, and all public and private repositories.

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All programming languages are supported. 32 programming languages have additional code intelligence support.

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Sourcegraph is built for companies of all sizes, from startups that need a solid foundation for growth, all the way to the largest enterprises with complex security, scaling, and deployment needs.

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10,000s of developers and repositories on Sourcegraph? You're in good company. Not at that scale? You'll still benefit from the robustness.

24/7 support

We provide outstanding support whenever you need it, including deployment assistance and help integrating custom dev tools with Sourcegraph.

Deploy your way

Self-manage your organization's Sourcegraph instance, or let us manage it for you (on our secure infrastructure or your cloud provider sub-account).

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