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Sourcegraph is a fast, solid, full-featured code navigation engine. Get cross-repository code intelligence, including:

For Yourself

Hover tooltips, go-to-definition, and find-references on GitHub, Phabricator, and Bitbucket Server.

For Your Team

Advanced search and intelligence on a private instance for all your repositories.

Powerful, Instant Code Search

Search in files and diffs in your code using simple terms, regular expressions, and other filters. Syncs repositories with your code host and supports searching any commit/branch, with no indexing delay.

Data Center

As you grow to hundreds or thousands of users and repositories, graduate from the single-server deployment to a highly scalable cluster with Sourcegraph Data Center.

Code Intelligence

Code intelligence makes browsing code easier, with IDE-like hovers, go-to-definition, and find-references on your code, powered by language servers based on the open-source Language Server Protocol.


Take your workflow to the next level. Search code from your editor, and get code intelligence while browsing code on the web in GitHub and Phabricator.

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...and more teams operating at massive scale.