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Powerful code search for Bitbucket Server

Quinn Slack on

Today, we're bringing fast, powerful code search to the thousands of development teams on Bitbucket Server. With Sourcegraph 2.6, we've built out native support for Bitbucket Server to make it easier to get code search across all your Bitbucket Server repositories.

Follow these 4 steps to get code search for your Bitbucket Server code:

  1. Spin up a Sourcegraph instance (or use the cluster deployment option on Kubernetes for massive scale)
  2. Click Configuration in the site admin menu.
  3. Click Add Bitbucket Server repositories and fill in the fields in the generated bitbucketServer configuration option.
  1. Click Repositories in the site admin menu and enable the repositories you want to search over.

And that’s it--you're ready to start searching across your Bitbucket Server repositories!

For all configuration options for Bitbucket Server, see the Bitbucket Server integration documentation.

Sourcegraph helps development teams build better software with code search and intelligence. It's free, self-hosted, and takes 5 minutes to set up. Read the Sourcegraph 2.6 announcement blog post to see more new features from our latest release.