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Sourcegraph is open source and ready to use for teams of all sizes. You can get started by deploying a private Sourcegraph Core instance for free, or build from source from our GitHub repository.

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Full-text search across all repositories
Search any commit or branch (hybrid real-time and indexed search)
Regular expression queries
Smart search filters
Search within diffs and commit messages
Saved searches, with email and Slack notifications
Code intelligence for all languages (learn more)
Within a repository
Code browsing
Sourcegraph extensions
Instantly deploy company-wide in code reviews via G Suite
Private registry for Sourcegraph extensions
Whitelist Sourcegraph extensions
License compliance analysis — coming soon
Custom code analysis
Instantly deploy company-wide via G Suite (learn more)
Custom system and tool integrations
Self-hosted (on-premises) deployment (learn more)
Cloud-managed deployment option (contact us)
High-scale cluster deployment option (learn more)
Community support (public issue tracker)
Premium support
Dedicated support, with custom SLA
Unlimited user accounts
Single sign-on (SSO) support (learn more)
SSO groups — coming soon
Repository permissions from GitHub and GitLab (learn more)
External database (learn more)
Custom certificate authority
Webhooks for repository updates (learn more)
Logging and monitoring for your Sourcegraph instance (learn more)
Prometheus integration and dashboards
Sentry integration
OpenTracing integration
User access audit logs — coming soon
Unlimited access logs and security audit dashboard — coming soon
Backups and recovery
Team metrics and dashboards for managers and executives — coming soon