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Cross-repository search
Indexed search
Any branch/commit search
Diff and commit message search
Repository, path, & language filters
Regular expression queries
Browser search shortcuts
High-scale clustered search
Per-user repository permissions
Code browsing
Repository, file, and directory browsing
Branch, tag, and commit viewer
Commit comparison
Repository contributors listing
High-scale repository mirroring
Per-user repository permissions
Code intelligence
24 supported languages
Single repository definitions and references
Cross-repository definitions and references
High-scale clustered language servers
Remote development environment
Code review
Code intelligence integrations for code review tools
Saved searches
Email notifications
Slack and webhook notifications
Large-scale code modifications
License compliance and security analysis
Sourcegraph extension API
Sourcegraph GraphQL API
Code/repository host integrations
Browser extension (Chrome/Firefox)
Sourcegraph CLI extension registry
User authentication via SSO (SAML/OpenID Connect/etc.)
Audit logs
External database storage
Extension whitelist
Private extension registry
Custom branding
Per-user repository permissions
Unlimited guest users
Deployment & security
Self-managed (on-premises) deployment
External database storage
High-scale, high-availability cluster deployment
Instance logging, monitoring, & tracing
Cloud-managed deployment
Additional fees per user
Additional fees per user
Community support
Priority support
24/7 uptime support
Additional fees per user
Dedicated support

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