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Charity Majors, Beyang Liu
June 29, 2020

Charity Majors is the founder and CTO of Honeycomb, provider of observability tooling for modern engineering teams to build resilient production software that delights customers and reduces toil. Charity tells Beyang about how Honeycomb derives its definition of observability for software systems from its original definition in control theory, and how observability differs from monitoring and logging. She shares war stories from her time keeping systems online at Facebook and Parse, gives her predictions about how the landscape of observability and monitoring tools will evolve, and discusses how developer tools can make programming more accessible to everyone.

Ryan Djurovich, Quinn Slack
June 22, 2020

Ryan Djurovich is a DevOps manager at Xero and former manager of the DevTools team at Cloudflare. He shares with Quinn how he has seen the landscape of Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) tools change over the years, the three waves of CI/CD, and where he thinks testing and build tools are headed in the future.

David Cramer, Beyang Liu
June 15, 2020

David Cramer talks about creating Sentry as an open-source side project, maintaining it while working full-time at Dropbox, and ultimately growing it into today's leading application monitoring tool. We chat about the emergence of new computing platforms, his thoughts on what's truly new and what's just marketing-speak for old ideas, and how he sees the landscape of monitoring evolving in the future.

Beyang Liu
June 1, 2020

Welcome to the Sourcegraph Podcast, a new show about developer tools and their creators. Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be publishing conversations with people we think are some of the best and brightest minds working on tools and infrastructure for developers. Here's a partial lineup:

  • David Cramer, co-founder and CTO of Sentry, formerly SWE at Dropbox
  • Luke Hoban, co-founder and CTO of Pulumi, co-founder of TypeScript, formerly program manager at Microsoft
  • Ryan Djurovich, dev tools and DevOps leader at Xero, formerly Cloudflare
  • Charity Majors, co-founder and CTO of Honeycomb, formerly infrastructure tech lead at Parse and Facebook
  • Evan Culver, dev tools and infrastructure leader at Segment, formerly Uber
  • Rijnard van Tonder, creator of Comby, formerly PhD researcher at CMU with stints at Microsoft Research and Facebook, now at Sourcegraph
  • Yves Junqueira, co-founder and CEO of YourBase, formerly SRE at Google
  • John Ewart, co-founder and CTO of YourBase, formerly SWE at Amazon
  • Dan Bentley, founder and CEO of Tilt, formerly SWE at Google
  • Thorsten Klein, creator of k3d, DevOps engineer at trivago

If you have ideas or suggestions for guests, hit us up on Twitter. We're speaking to an audience of developers who love leveling up their productivity and, perhaps, who also aspire to create great dev tools themselves. If that's you, then subscribe! We look forward to sharing some insightful conversations with you over the next few weeks.