Sourcegraph 2.12: Build your own Sourcegraph extensions, GitLab integration, code discussions, and self-service checkout

By Dan Adler on October 15, 2018

We are building the best code search and browsing tool for your team to help you write, review, and ship code better. Our mission is to bring the future sooner by bringing the best tools to developers everywhere.

Our announcement this month that Sourcegraph is now open source is one way we will get there even faster.

Here’s new, what’s changed, and what’s fixed in Sourcegraph 2.12.

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Full changelog (from 2.11 to 2.12)


  • Reduced the size of in-memory data structures used for storing search results. This should reduce the backend memory usage of large result sets.
  • Code intelligence is now provided by Sourcegraph extensions. The extension for each language in the site configuration langservers property is automatically enabled.
  • Support for multiple authentication providers is now enabled by default. To disable it, set the experimentalFeatures.multipleAuthProviders site config option to "disabled". This only applies to Sourcegraph Enterprise.
  • When using the http-header auth provider, valid auth cookies (from other auth providers that are currently configured or were previously configured) are now respected and will be used for authentication. These auth cookies also take precedence over the http-header auth. Previously, the http-header auth took precedence.
  • Bitbucket Server username configuration is now used to clone repositories if the Bitbucket Server API does not set a username.
  • Code discussions: On / when discussions.abuseProtection is enabled in the site config, rate limits to thread creation, comment creation, and @mentions are now applied.


  • Search syntax for filtering archived repositories. archived:no will exclude archived repositories from search results, archived:only will search over archived repositories only. This applies for GitHub and GitLab repositories.
  • A Bitbucket Server option to exclude personal repositories in the event that you decide to give an admin-level Bitbucket access token to Sourcegraph and do not want to create a bot account. See for more information.
  • Site admins can now see when users of their Sourcegraph instance last used it via a code host integration (e.g. Sourcegraph browser extensions). Visit the site admin Analytics page (e.g. to view this information.
  • A new site config option extensions.allowRemoteExtensions lets you explicitly specify the remote extensions (from, e.g., that are allowed.
  • Pings now include a total count of user accounts.
  • A new site config option git.cloneURLToRepositoryName specifies manual mapping from Git clone URLs to Sourcegraph repository names. This is useful, for example, for Git submodules that have local clone URLs.


  • Files with the gitattribute export-ignore are no longer excluded for language analysis and search.
  • "Discard changes?" confirmation popup doesn't pop up every single time you try to navigate to a new page after editting something in the site settings page anymore.
  • Fixed an issue where Git repository URLs would sometimes be logged, potentially containing e.g. basic auth tokens.
  • Fixed date formatting on the site admin Analytics page.
  • File names of binary and large files are included in search results.
  • Slack notifications for saved searches have been fixed.


  • The deprecated environment variables SRC_SESSION_STORE_REDIS and REDIS_MASTER_ENDPOINT are no longer used to configure alternative redis endpoints. For more information view the External database documentation.

Questions/feedback/complaints/requests? Contact us at [email protected], or file issues on our public issue tracker. We're planning for our next release in November right now, so the sooner we hear from you, the better!