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Sourcegraph 4.1 release

Update as of October 28: Patch 4.1.1 has been released, which fixes the issue below. We recommend upgrading to 4.1.1 or the latest version available.

Update as of October 26: We have identified a bug in Sourcegraph 4.1 that can cause upgrades from earlier versions to fail. We are working to fix this in an upcoming patch. For now, we recommend running Sourcegraph 4.0.

Batch Changes

Server-side Batch Changes now supports file mounts and organization namespaces

We're iterating on server-side Batch Changes as we prepare to move it from beta to GA. In 4.1, we're adding the last features to bring server-side Batch Changes up to feature parity with changes that are run locally.

  • When running server-side Batch Changes, you can now mount files on batch change steps containers using steps.mount. This is useful when your batch change needs to run long scripts or binaries that change frequently because file mounts allow you to iterate on those scripts and binaries without needing to bake them into the container and rebuild the container every time they change. You can read more about this feature in the 3.41 release post.
  • Previously, server-side batch changes could only be edited or deleted by the users that created them (or site admins). Now, users can create server-side batch changes in an organization namespace, which allows any user within that organization to edit or delete the batch change, making it easier to work collaboratively on batch changes with other devs.
Code Search

Reference panel improvements

In 4.0, we launched a new version of the reference panel. In 4.1, we've added further enhancements to the panel to improve your code navigation experience. Here's what's new:

  • Reference and definition results now have syntax highlighting for better readability.
  • Behavior when using your browser's back and forward buttons has been improved. Previously, it was easy to lose track of your context while drilling into definitions and references through the reference panel. Now, every browser URL is mapped with a single URL (the focused line in the preview pane), allowing the reference panel to update accordingly when you click on the browser's back or forward buttons.
  • Clicking on any line in the preview panel now promotes the file to the main file view.


Sourcegraph 4.1 is now available to download. For Sourcegraph Cloud users, instances will be upgraded to 4.1 beginning October 24.

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