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Sourcegraph 3.32 release

Sourcegraph 3.32 is now available! Here are some highlights from this release:

Revisions sidebar

In the left sidebar of your search results, you can now see both branches and tags associated with a repository you’re viewing. When you add a search literal, such as “auth,” the search term will persist across searches, allowing you to search quickly between branches or tags for that search term.

Search caching and improved back button behavior

We’re now caching search results for an improved user experience. When you click into a file from the search results page and then navigate back, the results will now always appear in the same order they appeared previously.

LSIF data retention is now configurable via our UI

We've changed the way we think about LSIF data retention. Previously, precise Code Intelligence data was capped by a maximum age configured by the PRECISE_CODE_INTEL_DATA_TTL environment variable. This means that, regardless of how important some data was, it would be removed after it passed its expiry.

Now, site admins can configure global and repository-specific data retention policies in the UI and can control the length of time LSIF uploads are considered fresh. This allows teams to match data retention policies against the specific commit and merge workflows of each repository. Read more about how to configure precise Code Intelligence data retention policies in our docs.

Changelog highlights

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