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Regexp queries, directories, OpenID Connect, and more updates to Sourcegraph

Quinn Slack on

We've been hard at work on improvements to Sourcegraph to give you great code search on your company's code. Here's what's new and improved:


Code search:

  • There is now a directory listing view with the last Git commit for each subdirectory and file.
  • Query terms are now interpreted as regexps, not strings (for example, this query would match abc and abd: ab[cd]). The regexp: operator is deprecated. Surround a term in double quotes to search for exact (non-regexp) matches.
  • The suggestion menu below the search box now displays matching directories (in addition to files and repositories).
  • The search documentation is now linked from “Help” next to the query input.
  • Fixed the revision switcher for repositories with != 3 path components in their name.
  • Clicking on an item in the query suggestions menu now navigates to that item. Previously you needed to use the keyboard.
  • The ?q=&sq= URL params no longer follow you everywhere.
  • Various bugs were fixed in the editor integrations for code search

Self-hosted Sourcegraph instances:

  • SSO sign-in via OpenID Connect grants the user the same abilities as the native sign-in. Read the installation documentation for configuration instructions.


  • The “All repositories” scope is now available. You still need to specify repo: and/or repogroup: filters to narrow the search to 30 or fewer repositories. (Example:

Want to run a self-hosted instance of Sourcegraph with your own private code? Install Sourcegraph with a single command.