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Announcing Sourcegraph 2.13

Nick Snyder

Announcing Sourcegraph 2.13

Sourcegraph 2.13 ships today, with several improvements:

We're also shipping Sourcegraph extensions that add other new features:

To enable these extensions on your Sourcegraph instance, visit User menu > Extensions. See Sourcegraph extensions documentation for more information.

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See the Sourcegraph changelog for a list of all changes in this release.

Thank you

Thank you to the open source contributors who helped make Sourcegraph even better:

Next up: Sourcegraph 3.0

We're hard at work on the next major release, Sourcegraph 3.0. It will significantly improve language support for code intelligence, simplify deployment and site configuration, improve debuggability of code host integrations, and allow much more extensibility (including searching other types of things, such as GitHub issues and PR comments, rendered documentation, and log data). See the next couple months on the Sourcegraph product roadmap for more details. Work has already begun on sourcegraph/sourcegraph@master.

If you're on Sourcegraph 2.x, you should update to 2.13 now and can upgrade to 3.0 when it is released.

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