Sourcegraph workflow

Sourcegraph helps organizations with the following stages of the development workflow:

  • Code: Unblock yourself while coding by finding answers in the code and every bit of related information.
  • Review: Review code, find problems early, and share knowledge.
  • Verify: Uphold code quality standards and comply with required processes on all code changes.
  • Monitor: Monitor services and quickly respond to incidents in your production environment.
  • Automate: Automate error-prone and time-consuming workflows such as refactors and triage, coordinated across projects and teams.
  • Manage: All of your repositories and users, configured and accessible in one place.

Other tools

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Summary feature comparison chart

Sourcegraph GitHub Oracle OpenGrok Google Cloud Source Repositories
Basic text and file search
Symbol search
Multi-repository regex search
Comby syntax
Scales to 100,000s of repositories
Universal search Search across all repositories and code hosts
Code navigation
Basic file browsing
Symbol outline
Basic code intelligence Jump-to-definition within the same file, in some languages
Universal code intelligence Jump-to-definition across files and repositories, most languages
Provides code navigation on all major code hosts
Integrates with major code hosts and code review
Extensions Third-party and internal developer tools integrating directly into search and code browsing UI.
Open source
Code-as-data GraphQL API GraphQL API supports structured information about source code that is used to power smart internal developer tools
On-prem deployment