Company sponsored events (team and company-wide)

All company sponsored in-person events are currently on hold until further notice due to COVID-19. We plan to resume company sponsored in person events as soon as it safe to do so. However, all teams are still more than welcome to plan and use company budget to create and plan remote-friendly events!

In the meantime, team events are encouraged to take place virtually and team budgets are available for use towards remote/virtual events! If your team would like to plan a virtual team-bonding event feel free to reach out to @people-ops for support.

Team travel budgets

Sourcegraph is an all-remote company. This means we all need to make an effort to travel to meet up in person and spend quality time with other team members all around the world.

Team meetups are very important for building cohesiveness in remote teams and spreading Sourcegraph culture across the company.

We want and expect you to use your full travel budgets described here each year! For this reason, they aren’t transferrable, and unused budget doesn’t roll over into the next year.

For example:

  • A teammate cannot reallocate the budget from a company-wide event to an individual trip.
  • A teammate cannot use their team budget for individual travel.
  • A teammate cannot skip the winter holiday party to get a longer stay at the spring/summer company-wide event.

There are four types of company-sponsored, company-paid travel.

Company-wide events

Sourcegraph generally holds two company-wide events each year, each fully covered by the company:

  • Winter party (typically in San Francisco)
  • Spring/summer event

Team events

  • Each team is allocated $4,000 USD per year per teammate for team meetups (minimum two members of the team).
  • This is designed to allow each team to hold at least one event every six months (in addition to the company-wide events above).
  • This budget can be used for travel (airfare, trains, etc.), lodging (hotels, rental homes, etc.), events, meals and entertainment, and more.
  • Teams are expected to use discretion about what events are appropriate for team outings. Be inclusive! Contact @sourcegraph/people-ops with any questions.
  • Reserve plenty of time for just hanging out, touring around, having fun, etc. Quality time is important.
  • If one individual is a member of multiple teams, they will receive the same amount for each of their teams.
  • The budget can be used for online team bonding events if the team prefers.

Individual travel

  • Each teammate has one fully-paid trip per year to meet up with a group of teammates in another location.
    • This is in addition to the other benefits mentioned on this page.
    • The purpose of defining this as one “trip” (instead of providing a set dollar budget) is to avoid punishing teammates that live far away from other teammates, and who would therefore incur higher airfare costs.

Professional development and education

  • Each team member has a $1,000 USD budget for professional development and education, as outlined on our benefits page.
  • This can also be used for travel related to professional development (e.g., for conferences or training sessions).