Your compensation consists of 3 parts:

  • Cash (salary and, if applicable, commissions)
  • Equity
  • Benefits/perks

We use market data from various sources (primarily Option Impact) to determine the market rate for each role and level within that role. We intend to publicly document these roles/levels and the associated compensation amounts (the work to do this is in progress).


We do not take your location into account when determining cash and equity compensation. No matter where you live, you will get the same cash and equity compensation.

To ensure our compensation is competitive even for people in high-salary/high-cost markets (such as San Francisco), we target a high percentile (in our compensation data) across the board.

Cash (salary and commission)

We pay competitively because we want to hire the best people and we want our teammates to be focused on helping Sourcegraph succeed, not worrying about paying bills.

We pay salaries in USD.


We are an early-stage technology company, and you can have a huge impact on our success. We want to make sure that you have a financial stake in the success and that your contributions are rewarded.

By default, all equity grants vest monthly with a 1-year cliff.

Teammates classified as employees receive incentive stock options (ISOs) to the maximum degree possible, while teammates classified as contractors receive non-qualified stock option (NSOs).

TODO(@sourcegraph/people-ops): add more detail here about the kind of options and how to understand their value.

Benefits and perks

See Benefits and perks.

Compensation increases

Everyone’s compensation is reviewed regularly as part of our review cycle process.


TODO(@sourcegraph/people-ops): document salary and equity ranges for each role and level, and document the percentile compensation we target for initial offers