AboveTheCode: Sourcegraph's VSCode Extension

Thursday, September 8th 2022 @ 11:00AM PDT

Join Sourcegraph experts Murat Sutunc, Engineering Manager of Integrations, and Max Wiederholt, Customer Engineer, to discuss Sourcegraph’s VSCode extension.

Learn all about how to leverage Sourcegraph within VSCode to search the wide universe of Open Source code right in the IDE! Murat and Max will demonstrate how to best use the tool and end with a live Q&A.

We will discuss:

  • How the Sourcegraph for VSCode extension can be used to search for code right in the editor, no local copy needed
  • Installing the extension
  • Running at least one search in VSCode for OSS Code
  • How to incorporate the extension into their day-to-day team programming workflow

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Murat Sutunc
Murat Sutunc
Engineering Manager at Sourcegraph

Murat Sutunc is the Engineering Manager of the Integrations team at Sourcegraph, working towards bringing the value of Sourcegraph to all developers, everywhere they work with code, and bringing the value of other developer tools into Sourcegraph.

Max Wiederholt
Max Wiederholt
Customer Engineer at Sourcegraph

Max Wiederholt is a customer engineer at Sourcegraph based in San Francisco, CA, where he helps developers better understand complex codebases. Prior to Sourcegraph, Max worked on Google's developer relations team, Confluent's sales team, and founded Mischief.app, an online marketplace for independent filmmakers.