Use Cases

Resolve incidents quickly and confidently

Identify the root cause of an incident, understand its potential impact on other services, and fix the issue everywhere in your codebase so it won't reoccur.

Identify the root cause of an incident and fix it everywhere, fast

Assess incidents quickly

Pinpoint the code responsible for the incident and find the root cause in your codebase. Understand the code's functionality to verify the issue.

Plan your remediation

Reduce time to resolution by supplying response teams with actionable details, like links to all affected code.

Execute your plan globally

Fix the root cause and confirm the same issue doesn't reoccur in other areas by locating the code pattern and automating fixes across your entire codebase.

How Sourcegraph helps

Response to incidents faster

No heroics required: Quickly understand all the context and dependencies around your codebase with Code Search so you can find the root cause of an incident with confidence and speed. Document work in progress with Notebooks so teammates can get up to speed quickly.

Quantcast is confident it won't miss any affected code

Sourcegraph's search gave us confidence because we knew we wouldn't overlook anything: Sourcegraph returns all search results, it doesn't drop or elide them.

Simon Law, Staff Software Engineer, Quantcast
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Nutanix proves the Log4j vulnerability no longer affects its codebase

Isn't it nice when you can just run a report and say, 'Here it is' or 'Here it isn't?' Much better than having to say, 'Well, boss, I think we got it all.'

Jon Kohler, Technical Director of Solution Engineering, Nutanix
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Respond to incidents with confidence and speed, and remediate issues at their root to ensure they don't reoccur.

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