Use Cases

Improve code security

Find, fix, and track vulnerable code across your entire codebase in minutes, not days

Identify, resolve, and monitor with confidence

Reduce time to discovery and resolution

Find every instance of a vulnerability and start remediating in minutes instead of days or weeks. Use that head start to deploy fixes sooner.

Automate fixing, merging, and deploying fixes

Automate PRs to fix vulnerabilities across your entire codebase so you can be 100% confident you resolved every vulnerability.

Alert for risky code changes & known vulnerabilities

Get on top of vulnerabilities by monitoring your repositories for commits when risky patterns and known vulnerabilities enter your codebase.

Identifying & resolving security vulnerabilities is painful

Existing tooling doesn't enable teams to be agile and effective when responding to security vulnerabilities. What does that mean for you?

  • Finding vulnerabilities scattered across codebases takes extra time and resources.
  • Following dependencies across your codebase is inefficient with IDEs that aren't connected to all code or up to date.
  • Whether you're making changes to 50 or 5,000 repositories, tracking and managing PRs to completion is a manual and spreadsheet-heavy process.
  • The vulnerability management and remediation process remains cumbersome, unclear, and stressful for all involved.

Log4j was the tip of the iceberg

Log4j is a prime example of how challenging it is to create a cohesive response across multiple teams in an org.

Sourcegraph enables companies like Nutanix to completely remediate Log4j vulnerabilities across multiple build and artifact management systems, as well as a large monorepo with many component branches and hundreds of git repositories, in under four days, and with 100% certainty.

Learn how to use Sourcegraph to identify and resolve every instance of Log4j.
Read the blog post.

How Sourcegraph helps

Find vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities are inevitable, but they don't have to be disruptive. With Code Search, you can find vulnerabilities across your repositories in a single search. Relieve your engineers from manual work, get a headstart on remediation, and act confidently knowing that you've located all affected code.

Nutanix fixed Log4j in days

The more we dug, the more we realized [Log4Shell] was everywhere and nowhere at the same time… Sourcegraph was the right product at the right time.

NutanixRead the case study

Indeed merges code at scale

On average, I'd say that for every automated merge request that we're able to merge we save an hour. That's a rough but conservative estimate. It shows, though, that if we are doing several thousand automated merges in a year, we're saving several employee's worth of time.

IndeedRead the case study

Get started with Sourcegraph

Find, fix, and track vulnerable code quickly across your entire codebase to improve code security.

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