What is Universal Code Search?

Universal Code Search is the one place where developers and DevOps teams go to answer questions about code and systems.

It ties together information from many tools, from repositories on your code host to dependency relationships among your projects and application runtime information.

Google, Facebook, Uber, Lyft, Yelp, and other elite software organizations rely on Universal Code Search, not just code hosts.

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A code host is no longer enough

Historically, the code host (such as GitHub) provided search. But the most elite software development organizations such as Google, Facebook, Uber, Lyft, and Yelp realized that a code host isn't enough:

  • With more code and more repositories, cross-repository code search is necessary.
  • With more internal libraries, services, and APIs owned by disparate teams, code navigation across packages and repositories is necessary.
  • With faster development cycles and more intricately connected systems, developers need to understand how a change affects other components in code review.
  • With more tools collecting error and performance data about code, developers need to see rich inline information on code files and reviews.

Universal Code Search helps answer your team's questions

For developers
  • How do I use this function or service?
  • If I change this, what could break?
  • What's the right library or service to use for this task?
  • How (and where) is this feature implemented?
For DevOps teams
  • What recently changed in the code about X that broke it?
  • Tell me whenever code is committed that makes a DB connection.
  • What's the performance of this line of code in production?
For engineering leaders

Ensure that everyone who interacts with this code can answer these questions on their own in a single place.

Universal Code Search

Universal Code Search must have these things. Anything else is just a code host.


One place to search, navigate, and analyze all of your organization's code (subject to user permissions)


An understanding of the structure of and relationships in your codebase, not just the raw text


Deep integrations with your other tools for viewing code (code host, code reviews, and editors) or collecting data about code (logging, monitoring, static analysis, etc.)

The most elite software organizations use Universal Code Search

Google, Facebook, Uber, Lyft, Yelp, and other world-class companies rely on Universal Code Search (not just a code host) to ship software.

Google CodeSearch

internal-only tool
[It's] essential to be able to easily search [the] whole source … huge productivity boost: easy to find uses, defs, examples, etc.

Facebook BigGrep/TBGS

internal-only tool
  • Used daily by almost every Facebook technical employee for the last ~8 years
  • More secretive than Google's tool, but is described in a conference talk and some tweets
  • $100Ms invested, with dozens of full-time engineers building it
tbgs is the StackOverflow for Facebook engineers


Used by Uber, Lyft, Yelp, and more
  • Every developer at these organizations uses Sourcegraph
  • Used by the world's leading technology companies (except Google and Facebook, which built their in-house tools 10+ years ago for $100Ms+)
Seriously, Sourcegraph is the best tool we’ve invested in. It’s made me insanely more productive and efficient at writing code here. I’m able to understand and deeply dive through all of our microservices and get my work done really fast. This is absolutely incredible.
Lyft engineering manager
[Sourcegraph] improves my productivity and ability to write clean code by 2-3x.
Uber senior engineer

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Sourcegraph provides Universal Code Search for every company.

Elite companies trust Sourcegraph

Every developer at Uber uses Sourcegraph
Every developer at Lyft uses Sourcegraph
Every developer at Convoy uses Sourcegraph
Every developer at Yelp uses Sourcegraph
Every developer uses Sourcegraph
Every developer at Quantcast uses Sourcegraph
Every developer at Plaid uses Sourcegraph
Every developer at GetYourGuide uses Sourcegraph

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