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  1. On-call

    handbook › engineering › on_call
    1. Alerts

      Sourcegraph codebase? eg p95 open connections to pgsql. Then use Prometheus. See enabled alerts.

    2. Playbook › PostgreSQL database problems

      We provide two sets of instructions here, shell commands and PostgreSQL commands to be run inside a psql instance.

    3. Playbook › PostgreSQL database problems › PostgreSQL interactions

      The psql command gives you, by default, a prompt looking like user=#, where "user" is the provided user name; sg f

    4. Playbook › PostgreSQL database problems › PostgreSQL interactions › Check/fix migration table

      up.sql. The number indicates a migration serial number, and the text (usually empty in recent migrations) after the serial number describes the purpose of the migration. There should be a corresponding .down.

    5. Playbook › Deleting a repository and its data

      Connect to Postgres: kubectl --namespace=prod exec -ti [pgsql pod name] -- psql -U sg

  2. Engineering onboarding

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    1. Engineer checklist

      sgdev.org) before editing the database. Our deployments How do I access the Sourcegraph database? PostgreSQL Hint: Consider using a transaction so that you can ROLLBACK your actions in case of a mistake

  3. How to resolve a "Sourcegraph.com is deleted entirely" incident

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    1. Assess in which way it is deleted entirely

      for the now-deleted cluster nodes still exist? Check by navigating to Compute -> Disks and searching for pgsql-dot-com Yes, the disks still exist: Go to Recreating GKE cluster and follow the with existing disks steps

    2. Recreating GKE cluster

      c. Restore pgsql disks from the latest pgsql-prod-dot-com compute snapshot, redis-store-prod-dot-com snapshot, and bundle-manager-prod-dot-com snapshot: https://console.cloud.google.

  4. Marketing

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    1. Definitions › SQL (sales-qualified lead)

  5. Sourcegraph style guide

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    1. Conventions › Specific terms in prose

      PostgreSQL (not any of: Postgres, postgres, PgSQL, Postgresql, PostGres, etc.

  6. Code intelligence team

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    1. Tech stack

      Precise code indexers are written in a variety of languages, as needed. We use Postgres and SQLite for data storage.

  7. Prometheus

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    1. Add a metric

      * pgsql: Export OpenConnections to prometheus

  8. GHE feeder tool

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    1. Resuming from previous runs and other input controls

      The ghe-feeder command keeps track of processed ownerRepos strings in a sqlite DB (by default called feeder.db in the current directory).

  9. Deployments

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  10. Business Operations

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    1. Using Looker › Querying Looker data

      Looker created a query language called LookML for defining calculations and data relationships in a SQL database. The 'Explores' and other functionality you see in Looker is all based on a LookML model.

  11. Sales

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    1. Stages › Lead

      e., SQLs), which means ALL of the following are true:

  12. Common questions from prospective customers

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    1. Why should I pay for Sourcegraph and not just use the open source version?

      al security issue is discovered in Sourcegraph or any other related infrastructure, such as OpenSSL or PostgreSQL).