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  1. Deployments

    handbook › engineering › deployments
    1. sgdev.org is our private deployment of Sourcegraph that contains our private code. dogfood cluster on GCP gcloud container clusters get-credentials dogfood --zone us-central1-a --project sourcegraph-dev

    2. Merging changes from deploy-sourcegraph


  2. Continuous releasability

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    1. Continuous Releasability Contract › master is always releasable

      Complex or scale-sensitive changes should be tested by multiple people on one of the dogfood instances.

    2. Continuous Releasability Contract › A feature flag is required for every new feature

      This is useful if a feature needs to be deployed to a dogfood instance or beta-tested before being deemed release-ready.

  3. Mock customer pitch

    handbook › sales › interviews › mock_customer_call
    1. Preparation

      As promised, I'm following up to find a time to show you how our product (ABC Corp's FooBar) can help you set and achieve your observability goals for the new microservices architecture you're rolling out at XYZ Inc.

  4. Delivery plans

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    1. Example delivery plan (for the code statistics feature)

      Try it on Acme Corp's public code at https://sourcegraph.com/stats?q=repo%3A%2Facme-corp%2F%28foo%7Cbar%29.[Attach screenshot of the Sourcegraph.

  5. Developer lingo for non-developers: a guide

    handbook › people-ops › from-graphbook › glossary
    1. Dogfood

  6. Code reviews

    handbook › engineering › code_reviews
    1. What makes an effective code review?


  7. Distribution team

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    1. Ownership areas

      com Dogfood instances (k8s.sgdev.org, sourcegraph.sgdev.org) 3rd-party services (ghe.sgdev.org) Buildkite, CI pipeline / infrastructure.

  8. Sourcegraph team

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    1. Tomás Senart

      In his free time he likes to spend time with his partner, play Chess and Rocket League, eat great food, hit the gym and read books.

    2. Adam Herzog (he/him)

      He is passionate about good food, Hatha yoga, and jean jackets in no particular order.