Sourcegraph Editor

Edit, search and review all your code (local and remote)

A more productive desktop code editor that connects with your code host so you can edit, search, and review across all your repositories. It works locally; your code never touches our servers. Built on Visual Studio Code and in private beta now (open source when the public beta begins).


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Local and remote code

Connects directly to your code host to automatically list, clone, and update repositories as you search and browse around. Using open source repositories? It’ll fetch those on-the-fly, too.

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Code intelligence

Enhanced jump-to-definition, find-references, and code search across multiple repositories. Connect to Sourcegraph Server or to scale these features beyond your local code.

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Code comments and review

Bring the discussion to the code. Post review comments, or lightweight comments on checked-in code that are visible to your teammates as they review, edit, and browse code.

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Fast, powerful desktop IDE

Built on Visual Studio Code, Microsoft's popular open-source editor. It's free and will be open source when the public beta begins.

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Code Search

Search across the latest (or specific) versions of all/any of your repositories (and their dependencies, if you want). Supports exact matching and regular expressions, of course!

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Team workspaces

Create or join a team to share configs with other developers: lists of active repositories, connections to code hosts, team-wide tasks/scripts, and auto-installed extensions.

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Supports most extensions written for the Visual Studio Code extension API.

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Secure and scalable

Your code never touches Sourcegraph’s servers; all operations on your code are performed locally. Use Sourcegraph Server to scale to large codebases and teams.

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