Sourcegraph Editor

Edit, search and review your code

A more productive desktop code editor that connects with your code host so you can edit, search, and review across your repositories. It works locally; your code never touches our servers. Built on Visual Studio Code and in private beta now.

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GitHub code review

  • Click the Open PR in Editor button from any Pull Request page on GitHub

  • Or run review from quick open (⌘P) to review any Pull Request

  • Use your editor to browse changes and comments, make inline and PR level comments, approve, or request changes

  • Review any GitHub PR right from your editor

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Open any repository

  • Open any repository (⎇R) you have access to on GitHub and/or Bitbucket

  • This can be a repository you’ve checked out locally or one that is remote (and all open-source projects)

  • Remote repositories are instantly cloned to your machine
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Code comments

  • Comment on any piece of code and @mention teammates you want to notify

  • Post comments to Sourcegraph or to GitHub from your editor

  • Highlight the line you want to comment on, right click, and select Comment on Sourcegraph or Comment on GitHub PR

  • Get Sourcegraph comment notifications through email and Slack (integration)
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Share code through weblinks

  • Share a code snippet by highlighting the code, right click and select Share Snippet

  • You’ll be prompted with a request to upload the selected code, select Always allow to share

  • Share a code comment by clicking Share beside an existing comment

  • In both cases, a shareable link is copied to your clipboard
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Auto-install extensions for your team

  • Auto-install extensions and define settings for your entire organization

  • Run Preferences: Open Organization Settings from the command palette (⇧⌘P)

  • Here, I've enabled sharing on code snippets and specified a list of language extensions that will be auto-installed for everyone in my organization
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Cross repository search

  • Easily search across all the repositories in your workspace

  • Supports exact match, regex, find and replace, and file types to include/exclude

  • Built on Visual Studio Code's search
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Multi-purpose file tree

  • Multi-root workspace

  • Use the file tree to create a branch, switch branches, and pull from master

  • Built on Visual Studio Code's file tree
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Fast, powerful desktop IDE

Built on Visual Studio Code, Microsoft's popular open-source editor. It's free and will be open-source when the public beta begins.

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Supports most extensions written for the Visual Studio Code extension API.

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Secure and scalable

Your code never touches Sourcegraph’s servers; all operations on your code are performed locally. Use Sourcegraph Data Center to scale to large codebases and teams.

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