Better code reviews

Sourcegraph Universal Code Search makes code reviews fast and thorough to catch more bugs before they're deployed to production.

Code reviews are a critical process for engineering teams

A mistake that slips past code review becomes ~10x harder to fix.

A slow code review process hurts productivity (just like slow compilation or slow tests).

An ineffective code review process hinders knowledge transfer and new employee onboarding.

The Sourcegraph integration [with GitLab] also adds inline code intelligence when you review code in merge requests which helps you speed up the review cycle and catch more bugs.

Sid Sijbrandij, GitLab CEO

How code reviews are better with Sourcegraph

Sourcegraph Universal Code Search lets you review, search, and modify your code no matter where it's stored. Sourcegraph integrates with your existing code review tool and lets you:

Grok the change with documentation hovers & "Go to definition"

See a call to a function you don't recognize? With Sourcegraph, you can see its documentation and type signature by hovering over it—and go to its definition in a single click. Even if your IDE supports this, being able to do it in your web browser instantly without losing context saves tons of time—and helps you do more thorough reviews. Works for 32 programming languages.

Assess the impact of the change with "Find references"

What might break when this change is merged? Who else is relying on the API that will be changed? As a reviewer, you need to understand the impact of a change to review it correctly. With Sourcegraph in 32 programming languages, you can find callers and references in all of your repositories. Never have an "oops" again.

See test coverage and runtime logs, traces, & errors

When changing code that's performance-sensitive or causing errors, it helps to see live information from runtime to ensure the fix is correct. When using supported services to collect this information, Sourcegraph makes it easy to see this extra context when reviewing.

Sourcegraph and GitLab

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Sourcegraph integrates with your existing tools and workflow

Code hosting & review
Other services in your workflow
Browser & editor integrations
Programming languages
All programming languages are supported. 32 programming languages have additional code intelligence support.

Better code reviews with the Sourcegraph browser extension

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