Code alerts & automation

Continuously monitor all changes to all repositories for risky or important changes. Get instant email, Slack, or webhook notifications for every hit.

Stay on top of changes without slowing down development

With Sourcegraph saved searches, you can get notified by email, Slack, or webhook whenever anyone commits code that matches your query (on any branch of any repository).

Monitor risky changes

What "risky" means is different for everyone: committing API keys, changing billing code, or modifying deployment configuration. With Sourcegraph, it's easy to write a query to match your specific definition of "risky" and get notified whenever it matches any new code.

Just want to try it out and see what it finds on your code? Sourcegraph ships with sample saved searches to match API keys, GPL additions, and more.

Watch for new dependencies or API consumers

To be a good service or library maintainer, you need to know how people are using your API. You might even have some advice at code review time for new API consumers, if only you could monitor how people used your service. With Sourcegraph, you can.

Open-source, self-managed, & privacy-respectful

Sourcegraph is self-hosted, so your code never leaves your network. And it's open-source (Apache 2.0), so you can verify this. (If you prefer not to self-manage your instance, we offer cloud-managed deployment, too.)

Elite companies trust Sourcegraph

Every developer at Uber uses Sourcegraph
Every developer at Lyft uses Sourcegraph
Every developer at Convoy uses Sourcegraph
Every developer at Yelp uses Sourcegraph
Every developer uses Sourcegraph
Every developer at Quantcast uses Sourcegraph
Every developer at Plaid uses Sourcegraph
Every developer at GetYourGuide uses Sourcegraph

Integrates with your existing tools and workflow

Code hosts

The only enterprise solution

Sourcegraph is built for companies of all sizes, from startups that need a solid foundation for growth, all the way to the largest enterprises with complex security, scaling, and deployment needs.

Proven at scale

10,000s of developers and repositories on Sourcegraph? You're in good company. Not at that scale? You'll still benefit from the robustness.

24/7 support

We provide outstanding support whenever you need it, including deployment assistance and help integrating custom dev tools with Sourcegraph.

Deploy your way

Self-manage your organization's Sourcegraph instance, or let us manage it for you (on our secure infrastructure or your cloud provider sub-account).

Get Sourcegraph now

Move fast without breaking things. Stay on top of risks and important changes in your code.