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Episode 7: Dan Bentley, CEO and co-founder of YourBase
Dan Bentley, Beyang Liu
July 27, 2020

Dan Bentley is the CEO and co-founder of Tilt, a company that's bringing order back to the dev environment in the age of microservices and Kubernetes. It features smart rebuilds, live updates, an easy-to-use CLI, and a beautiful GUI dashboard for staying on top of what's happening in your multi-service dev environment.

Prior to founding Tilt, Dan was the first full-time dev tools engineer at Google, where he worked on a variety of developer tools and infrastructure over his 11-year stint. We talk about what Google was like just before the IPO, the features he misses from Google Code, and several projects he worked on, among them a precursor to Google's famed Blaze (open-sourced now as Bazel) build system.

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