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Fix vulnerabilities

Find, fix, and track vulnerable code quickly across your entire codebase. See how Sourcegraph enables Nutanix to remediate every instance of a vulnerability with confidence. Read the case study.

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Resolve incidents

Identify the root cause in code and fix the issue everywhere, faster. See how Cloudflare stays audit-ready with Sourcegraph. Read the case study.

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Boost code health

Improve code health with large-scale changes and track code health initiatives towards completion. Learn how Indeed improves code health at scale. Read the case study.

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Onboard developers

Decrease time to first commit with self-serve codebase onboarding and knowledge sharing. Learn how Lyft makes every developer autonomous with Sourcegraph. Read the case study.

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Promote code reuse

Find existing libraries for reuse and contribute to a more secure and coherent codebase. See how FactSet ensures consistency across its codebase. Read the case study.

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Nutanix fixed Log4j quickly and confidently with Sourcegraph

Case study

See how Nutanix was able to confidently identify every instance of Log4j across its sprwaling codebase and deliver patches to its customers that fully remediated the vulnerability within 4 days.

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