100% code ownership coverage, now

Evergreen code ownership across code hosts, powering Code Search, Batch Changes, and Insights.

Resolve incidents and security vulnerabilities faster

Search for vulnerable or outdated code patterns and reach out to the owners in seconds. Escalate in one click. Don’t waste time emailing around to find who can help. Fast collaboration, fast remediation.

Speed up knowledge sharing and daily work

CODEOWNERS alone is not enough, and mapping a single developer to each file is too simplistic for many use cases. Own can tell you both who’s accountable for code and who knows about it. Know who to go to for permission, and who to go to for questions.

Own is currently an experimental feature, but we have a big vision for code ownership.

We’d love your feedback on Own. You can turn it on using the documentation below, or contact us to get a demo and learn more about our roadmap.

Read more about our vision for code ownership.

Ingest CODEOWNERS or ownership data from in-house systems (API)

Teams in Sourcegraph!

Search for all teammates that own code in scope of a Sourcegraph query

Automatically infer ownership for 99% of your codebase based on codebase signals

Who’s accountable? Who’s knowledgeable?

Code ownership in Batch Changes, Insights, and more

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Try Sourcegraph Own

Available now as an experimental feature!