Surfacing feedback to the product team

If you’re working with a specific customer on a bug or issue and need to directly involve a product engineering team, please refer to engaging other teams.

CEs, CSEs, sales, marketing, engineering, and other teammates that interact directly with Sourcegraph users and/or Sourcegraph itself should share product feedback with the product team.

We deeply value this feedback, so we make this process as frictionless for teammates as possible:

Post the feedback in #feedback on Slack

You’re welcome to tag teammates or teams, but that’s not necessary – once the feedback is in #feedback the product team will make sure it’s routed correctly.

When to create a GitHub issue

If you have gotten a specific feedback requests that a customer(s) would like to track the progress of and a GitHub issue for the feedback does not already exist, you can document this in a new feedback issue to share with the customer.

GitHub issues with the feedback label will automatically post to the #feedback Slack channel on creation; you do not need to manually copy the issue link into #feedback.

Because a shareable issue is by definition public, you should not include any private customer information. You should still include things like the customer name, by using our process for linking customer names in public places.

If you need to create an issue with more specific customer information, you should create a new issue in Sourcegraph/Customer, which is private. You can then link that to a public issue in Sourcegraph/Sourcegraph.

What if the feedback is [a possible exception]?

There are no exceptions to the above process! Please do post all product feedback to the #feedback channel – this includes feedback that you feel might be: minor, not worth surfacing, too harsh, just a personal opinion, or from you rather than a customer. All feedback helps us make Sourcegraph the best product possible.

If you are uncomfortable posting the feedback

If you are uncomfortable posting feedback directly to #feedback for any reason at all, you are very welcome to DM it on Slack to any member of the product team. They will make sure it reaches the right folks. In some cases, this may mean they post the feedback to slack after removing any possible connection to you.