Spending company money

We want to make sure you have what you need to be productive and happy in your role at Sourcegraph, so we’ve come up with a few guidelines to help you when you have work-related expenses. Below you’ll find a list of some typical purchases that you would be reimbursed for, as well as a few things to keep in mind when expensing purchases:

  • You are free to purchase these items and expense them without asking permission as long as it’s in the interest of the company. When in doubt, please contact @sourcegraph/people-ops for clarification before the purchase.
  • You likely won’t need every single item on this list—please use your best judgment and buy when you need them. Remember, Sourcegraph doesn’t have unlimited funds—spend this money as if it was your own.
    • For example, if you intend to work out of a coworking space most of the time, you may not need a fully equipped home office as well.
  • If you spend more than $1,000 on any given physical item, it will be considered property of the company.
  • Please file an expense report within 60 days of an eligible purchase. See submitting expenses for additional help.

Desk set-up

Full-time teammates

We expect new teammates to spend up to $1,850 for desk setup, which includes all the items in the “Desk items” section.

This is not a hard budget—rather, it is a guide based on what past teammates have spent. As a reminder, you don’t need permission for every purchase, and we trust you to make decisions that are in the best interests of Sourcegraph. If you expect to significantly exceed the listed amount on any purchase, however, please notify @sourcegraph/people-ops so we can decide if we need to update this guide.

Team-specific totals

  • We expect new Design team members to spend $2,650 to allow for purchasing higher-resolution monitors or other design equipment.
  • Since they are customer-facing and need to deliver high-quality demos and support, Customer Engineering team members can exceed these limits (within reason) to allow for purchasing beefier-spec computers, additional monitors, mics, lighting, etc.


The estimated spend for interns is $925* and includes only the electronic items in the “Desk set-up” section.

Desk items

  • Monitor
  • Headphones
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse or trackpad
  • USB-C Adapter
  • HDMI/monitor cable
  • Laptop stand
  • Desk
  • Ergonomic chair
  • Camera (for people who present externally to clients and prospects)


Once your contract is signed, you will need to purchase and expense your Sourcegraph computer. Computers and laptop insurance (this includes Apple Care if you purchase a Mac as your work computer) are fully reimbursable outside of the desk setup total estimate above, however, engineering roles have different hardware requirements from other roles (please see below for necessary specs corresponding to your role). Computers are considered property of the company.

Laptop (engineering team):

  • 16” MacBook Pro, 2.4 GHz (5 GHz turbo) 8‑core (upgrade), 64 GB (upgrade), 1 TB SSD
  • Any other laptop that is of equal or lesser value than the pre-approved laptop.

Laptop (product team):

  • 13” MacBook Pro, 2.3 GHz (4.1 GHz turbo) 4-core (upgrade), 32 GB (upgrade), 512 GB SSD. If you need to update any specs, please reach out to @sourcegraph/people-ops for approval.
  • Any other laptop that is of equal or lesser value than the pre-approved laptop.

Laptop (all other teams):

  • 13” MacBook Pro, 2.3 GHz (4.1 GHz turbo) 4-core (upgrade), 16 GB, 512 GB SSD. If you need to update any specs, please reach out to @sourcegraph/people-ops for approval.
  • Any other laptop that is of equal or lesser value than the pre-approved laptop.

Other computer:

  • If you want something different (such as a desktop computer), that is obviously fine. If it’s more expensive than the laptops listed above, please check with @sourcegraph/people-ops first.

Recurring expenses

Software/SaaS/cloud: please check with the appropriate team and manager to ask if we already have a subscription or licenses to the software. If not, please get @sourcegraph/people-ops’s approval for software or a subscription that would cost more than $500 per year.

Internet, phone, and wellness: The following items are automatically added to your pay, and they don’t need to be expensed. - Internet/WiFi plan: $50/month - Cell phone plan: $75/month - Wellness: $100/month

Coworking/office space: $300-500/month (these are meant to be averages, and it should be dependent on the average cost of coworking spaces in your particular location, if your coworking space is significantly more than the averages listed here, please get approval from @sourcegraph/people-ops).

Education and professional development (conferences, courses): $1000/year (if you want to exceed this amount, simply notify @sourcegraph/people-ops in advance to explain the situation and to receive approval).

Moving (moving, packing, shipping, etc.): $1000/year

Other expenses:

Laptop repairs: if your laptop requires repairs, we cover up to $500 a year on repairs. If necessary repairs exceed the yearly budget please reach out to @sourcegraph/people-ops’s for approval.

Laptop upgrade: if your laptop is 4 years or older, you are eligible for a new laptop (same budget as new laptop applies).

Travel expenses: please see our page on travel budgets.

Find out how to submit your expenses here.