The legal team is responsible for helping every team at Sourcegraph to be responsible while moving quickly. The legal team supports Sourcegraph’s sales efforts by helping with contract templates and negotiations, people ops team with hiring and contracting documents, finance team with fundraising and partnership agreements, and more.


We are hiring for the legal team! See all open positions.

Until the team grows, Dan and our outside counsel will provide legal support.



See our careers page for open roles on the Legal team.



Reach out to [email protected], or Tammy directly, for support with any legal matters, including employment-related questions, contracts, etc.

Contract Review and Signature Authority Policy

To direct your contracts to the right team or teammate to review, approve, and sign, click here.

Outside counsel

We work with external law firms as needed.


We work with Orrick, Herrington, & Sutcliffe (Orrick) for general corporate matters.


Commercial transactions

We typically work with Orrick for commercial transactions (i.e., sales contracts or partnerships).

If Orrick has a conflict (i..e, if they also serve the other side of the deal), we will seek a waiver, or if necessary work with another firm, often O’Melveny.


Employment and immigration

We work with Orrick for general employment matters, and with Wolfsdorf Rosenthal for visa and immigration matters.


Intellectual property

We work with Orrick for most intellectual property work, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights.



We work with Heather Meeker of O’Melveny for open source and related software licensing matters.