Business Operations & Strategy

The Business Operations & Strategy (BizOps) team operates with the mission of driving scalable growth through cross-functional internal projects that expedite progress towards company goals.


Functional areas




How we work

We use GitHub issues in the Sourcegraph analytics repository to document projects, and the analytics kanban board for team-wide prioritization and current projects.

How to work with us

For larger projects, please work with the BizOps team to lay out the following information to help us understand and prioritize your request:

  • People: Who is involved, and what are the expectations of each person? Who will be responsible for driving the project forward? Does each person have the necessary bandwidth to uphold the expecations asked of them?
  • End state: What is the end state of the project? What decisions will be made? Be as specific as possible (i.e. if the end state is a graph, draw out the graph). Please provide a “data roadmap” if there are going to be multiple phases of the project.
  • The why: How does it support Sourcegraph’s company and team goals?
  • Timeline: What’s the timeline of the project? When does this need to be delivered, and how will it be followed up upon in the future?


  • Slack: Post in the #business-ops or #analytics channel. Or mention @business-team in the relevant channel or thread.
  • GitHub: @bizops team

If you need clarification or are not sure about any of the above, ask a question in #analytics or #business-ops channel.