Product marketing

Table of contents

  1. Team vision and principles
  2. What we do
  3. Working with other teams
  4. Resources

Team vision and principles

  • We have a collaborative, efficient, and repeatable motion for bringing new features and products to market.
  • We are a strategic partner for Product, Sales, and Marketing. We do our best work when we’re brought in early.
  • We communicate the value of our products and focus on both the “what” and the “why.”
  • We align our team goals with the broader company goals and our work contributes to both revenue and adoption.
  • We are advocates for our customers. We launch products and make decisions with our customers in mind.

What we do

Tactically, here are the activities Product Marketing will drive and contribute to. This list is not exhaustive and is flexible - there will certainly be times when other teams drive these initiatives.

Drive          Contribute   
GTM launches/New Product Introduction (NPI) Product roadmap
Product messaging and positioning  Company messaging and positioning
Pricing and packaging (this is shared with Sales and Product) Sales collateral (pitch deck, outbound messaging) and sales enablement
Customer advocacy and marketing    Community and developer education
Analyst relations  PR (drive for new products)
Use cases and value drivers  Buyer personas (drive for new products)
Partner marketing  Demand generation efforts, content marketing, brand design

Working with other teams

Team Where PMM can add value How we collaborate
Product/Engineering Product roadmap planning and prioritization, bringing new products to market, pricing and packaging, naming, conducting primary and secondary research, product copy, collaborating on content (blog posts, webinars, etc.) PMM will be better able to support feature/product launches and influence the product roadmap with early involvement.
Sales/CE Messaging and positioning, use cases and value drivers, buyer personas, creating external collateral (pitch decks, one sheeters, case studies), product training, competitive intelligence, synthesizing and sharing customer feedback PMM primarily focuses on “one:many” communication, whereas Sales/CE primarily focus on “one:one” communication. There may be times that PMM is brought in to support a strategic customer or prospect, but the team is not big enough to support every deal.
Marketing Messaging and positioning, buyer personas, content development and review, subject matter expertise, marketing campaigns and programs Given that many members of the marketing team are relatively new, we’ll figure this out together as we work on key initiatives that span across the entire marketing org.