Marketing operations

Lead management

Email-only leads from installations, signups, and NPS surveys

New leads with email-only from installations, signups, and NPS surveys will be enriched by Zoominfo. Once a lead is enriched:

  • With at least a last name, then the lead will sync to Salesforce (SFDC).

    • Company Name will be marked [not provided] by SFDC. Note: If Zoominfo found a last name, there’s a high probability it will have the first name too.
  • With company only, then the lead will sync to SFDC

    • Name (first and last) will be marked [not provided] by SFDC.
  • With no first, last, and company names, the lead will remain in Hubspot for further nurturing (* please suggest any handling of these email-only records)

Nurture process of new leads from installations, signups, and NPS surveys

  • Signups to Sourcegraph Cloud, will be nurtured by Hubspot workflow: WF EMAIL Inbound Lead Automation
  • Server admin and NPS survey leads will go to Sales development representatives (SDRs) for initial outreach

Marketing attribution


All URLs used on external sites should contain UTM parameters for lead attribution. Any URLs built must be logged in the UTM builder.

HubSpot and UTMs

HubSpot automatically captures the parameter as long as the URL parameter name matches the HubSpot field name.

The forms that support UTM are:

  • Contact us
  • Request a demo or enterprise trial
  • In-product request (enterprise) trial
  • Request a PDF

The parameters that our HubSpot workflows support are utm_campaign, utm_source and utm_medium. Tag @ericbm in #marketing if more parameters are needed.

Workflows are set up in HubSpot to capture the latest conversion information, and copy this information to the ‘First event’ fields if they are blank and unknown.

First event field names Latest event field names Example Notes
First converting campaign utm_campaign 2019ebook_searchcode Specific campaign within marketing channel
First converting medium utm_medium paid Marketing channel
First form conversion Form submission source Request a demo form Form submitted
First source utm_source stackoverflow Referring site
First converting date utm_date 2020-01-01 Date at which the user submitted the form
gclid gclid TeSter-123 Google Click ID that syncs data between Google Ads and Analytics. Only a contact’s first gclid is stored

Creating email lists

There are many contacts in HubSpot that have not opted into marketing emails. For example, if an email to a prospect’s procurement department is logged in HubSpot, we should not be sending Sourcegraph communications to them. All email lists need to be built from the “ground up”. What does this look like in practice?

Good: List = Instance admins + demo requesters + NPS responders
Bad: List = All contacts - outbounded contacts - unsubscribed contacts - instance admins

Let BizOps know in #marketing if you’d like a second set of eyes on any email lists.

Maintaining data pipelines

All major lead generation-related events (demo requests, livestream registrations, created instances) are copied to a Google Sheet by way of Zapier. This requires all events to funnel to a data pipeline HubSpot list so the Zapier event can be triggered.

CCPA/GDPR compliance

To delete a contact requesting to be deleted from our systems:

  • Review our list of data sources and delete the contact from each source.
  • Take and log screenshots in the Data Protection Officer folder of attempt to find contact in the system.
  • Email contact from personal Sourcegraph email with the following We have received your [CCPA|GDPR] request to be deleted from Sourcegraph systems. Your information has been permanently wiped from all our systems (screenshot attached), and as a result you will no longer receive any communications from us. [PERSONALIZED SENTENCE based on situation].

Marketing definitions


A person, identified by an unique email address, that is associated with a Salesforce account


A person, identified by an unique email address, that has no known relationships with a Salesforce account


A company record which may include one or more contact records.

Influential developer

See the “Influential developer” persona.


See “Personas” for the full list of personas we’re targeting.


An inquiry is a person who has requested information from Sourcegraph for the first time and has provided Sourcegraph with at least an email address*. This may be online via a web form, or in person, for example, at a conference.

* Specific email domains are excluded.

Interesting inquiry

Any inquiry that is:

  • A person who works for a company with > $50M in revenue
  • A person who works for company with > 250 engineers

Technology stack

Demand generation

Website infrastructure

  • Gatsby
  • Netlify
  • Cookiebot


SEM and SEO tools

  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Optimize
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Moz Pro
  • Ubersuggest