Team communication

The marketing team holds a weekly meeting to review the topics below. Internal notes for each meeting should be maintained by the group (while adhering to the company-wide communication guidelines)

  1. Metrics and performance against team quarterly OKRs.
  2. Review of the prior week’s initiatives.
  3. Plan for the coming week, and an update on monthly/quarterly initiatives.


See job descriptions and responsibilities of roles on the Marketing team:


Web traffic

Web traffic is measured by analyzing two metrics: all users and organic users. Unless otherwise noted, web traffic refers to web visitors from the United States and Canada. If the web traffic is labeled geo7 or similar, it refers to the web traffic from the US, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Sweden. Also note, that web traffic currently includes the following sites: and


An inquiry is a person who has requested information from Sourcegraph for the first time and has provided Sourcegraph with at least an email address. This may be online via a web form, or in person, for example, at a conference. Someone may become an inquiry and a MQL at the same time, or may take years between converting from an inquiry to a MQL.


A marketing qualified lead (MQL) is any of:

  • A person who fills out a demo request form AND self-reports an engineering team of >100 or has a title containing Director, Manager, VP, Vice President, Senior, Sr, Head, Lead, CTO or Chief Technnology Offier
  • A person who sets up a new Sourcegraph instance with a business email (personal email domains and .edu addresses do not qualify)

SQL (sales-qualified lead)

See “Lead” in the sales team handbook section.