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  • Kacie Jenkins, VP of Marketing
    • Andy Schumeister, Director of Product Marketing
      • Julie Campagna, Senior Customer Advocacy Manager
      • We will be hiring Product Marketing Managers
    • Erica Lindberg, Director of Content Strategy
      • Rebecca Dodd, Senior Managing Editor
      • We will be hiring a Social Media Marketing Manager, Producer (video and podcast production), and Content Marketing Manager
    • Lisa Tagliaferri, Director of Developer Education
      • Marek Zaluski, Developer Education Engineer
      • We will be hiring technical educators
    • Sarah Reece, Director of Demand Generation
      • Lori Heyman, Digital Marketing Programs
    • Tommy Pesavento, Director of Brand Design
      • Fabiana Castellanos, Project Coordinator, Brand
      • We are building a brand team
    • Samson Goddy, Director of Community
      • Vanesa Ortiz, Content Engineer
      • We will be hiring developer advocates

Open Roles

See the marketing roles for open positions.