Distribution team

The distribution team is responsible for making Sourcegraph easy to deploy, scale, monitor, and debug. We solve the most challenging problems our customers face deploying Sourcegraph on-premise in a variety of environments, and on Sourcegraph.com - the largest Sourcegraph instance in the world.


  • Slack: #distributioneers channel or @distribution
  • File issues: team/distribution label


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Ownership areas

The following is a breakdown of the areas of Sourcegraph that the Distribution team owns. It aims to be 100% comprehensive, but the owners are merely aspirational goal posts, not mandates. At the end of the day, whoever has most context will own the area.

Distribution team members may also be involved in other areas of Sourcegraph not mentioned here (i.e., you’re not restricted just to the distribution team or working on just the areas of ownership assigned below.)

  • Infrastructure
    • Sourcegraph.com
    • Dogfood instances (k8s.sgdev.org, sourcegraph.sgdev.org)
    • 3rd-party services (ghe.sgdev.org)
    • Buildkite, CI pipeline / infrastructure.
    • Primary owners: @geoffrey, @dave
    • Related code: infrastructure repository, CI pipeline code
  • Release pipeline
    • End-to-end release process infrastructure
    • Creating monthly releases
    • Testing environments when applicable
    • Releasing security updates when asked to
    • Primary owners: @uwe
    • Related code: release captain experience, release tooling
  • Deployment
  • Observability: Monitoring (“site admins should easily know the health of Sourcegraph”)
  • Observability: Debugging (“site admins should be able to collect the information needed to debug issues easily”)

Tech stack

Go, Docker, Kubernetes




Hiring status

Updated 2020-06-02

The team has doubled in size recently so it isn’t a high priority to grow this team further, but we are always open to hiring exceptional people. Apply here.