API docs workstream

For now API docs, is a workstream rather than a team.

It is part of a company-wide initiative called Sourcegraph for public code. This company-wide initiative’s mission is to help Sourcegraph become the standard tool for searching and understanding public code.

This workstream focuses on providing API docs for code repositories that are informative, interactive and indexable by web crawlers.



It is hard for developers to get good answers to API-related questions today, they lack easy access to solid tooling, docs, formatting and examples from public (and private) code. Some languages are better served than others (eg. pkg.go.dev), but nearly all languages lack a good way to answer:

  • What API do I need to use?
  • How do I use this API? Can I get a quick example?
  • How are other people using this API?

We believe that API docs can address a missing step in the workflow of developers exploring open source libraries by providing in-context documentation and usage examples. In addition it has the potential to create a powerful acquisition channel for Sourcegraph through strengthening our SEO.

Today, we have an experimental version and we have built the LSIF infrastructure needed to create useful API docs and achieved a good level of technical validation in our ability to deliver rich docs and examples for Go and believe we can target that community to obtain value validation - in fact, because we have many Go developers at Sourcegraph we can get validation and early feedback internally.

Ultimately, our goal is to increase user retention through providing highly contextual and personalized experience around code discovery that fosters more effective devs and teams.



Goals and roadmap

Growth plan

Depending on the success of this initiative against it’s goals we plan to consider hiring another backend engineer in .