Customer Engineering

On the Customer Engineering team, we help developers use Sourcegraph to solve their organization’s Big Code problems.

  • Customer Engineers help our developer users and champions get more value from using Sourcegraph in more and better ways.
  • Customer Support Engineers solve technical problems from all organizations about deployment, configuration, integration, authentication, scaling, troubleshooting, and more.

We work with many other teams at Sourcegraph, including:

  • with the Sales team in our relationships with prospects and customers; and
  • with the Product team and Engineering team on product feedback and requirements (by aggregating and relaying what users tell us, and by helping team members get in touch with or solicit feedback from the right users).

What is the difference between a Customer Engineer and Customer Support Engineer?

CSEs are the go-to technical team for our CEs, helping customers both pre- and post-sales, and allowing CEs to do more proactive work by taking on the reactive technical troubleshooting work when customers experience issues. We can think of CE and CSE as work best friends, working closely together every day. Where Sales is focused on the commercial relationship, CE is focused on product success/usage/adoption. If the CE is stuck, doesn’t know the answer, that is the exact right time to bring in a CSE and let support do the heads-down troubleshooting work.




  • CE team and account strategy meeting (weekly on Tuesdays): Open team discussion about any topics, plus time for any team member to present specific situations occurring in their accounts and get advice from the rest of the team.
  • Demo workshop (weekly on Fridays): A weekly super chill, no-pressure, no-stress place where you can show off your new demo ideas and get helpful demo feedback/tips from team members.
  • CE team hangout (weekly on Fridays): An open forum to ask questions, collaborate, and chat as a team.
  • Product backlog review (weekly on Fridays): Discuss product feedback and requirements with the Product and Sales teams. To join, find it on a team member’s calendar and add yourself.
  • Support team meetings are described in team rituals

Pre-sales and post-sales

We are both “pre-sales” and “post-sales” because the moment that a sale occurs doesn’t usually change what organizations need from us. Most organizations have deployed Sourcegraph and rolled it out (sometimes widely, sometimes to a limited proof-of-concept group) by the time they become a paying customer. This is different from many other enterprise software products, where the software isn’t actually used (for real) until the contract is signed.

This continuity means we give customers consistent and high-quality service from the moment we meet them. We minimize handoffs, which is good for customers and helps our team take pride in seeing their work through.