Sourcegraph Server installation



Docker is required.

Step 1: Run Sourcegraph

docker run \
 --publish 7080:7080 --rm \
 --volume $HOME/.sourcegraph/config:/etc/sourcegraph \
 --volume $HOME/.sourcegraph/data:/var/opt/sourcegraph \

When Sourcegraph is ready, go to http://localhost:7080 to continue setting it up.

Step 2: Add repositories

After creating an admin account, go to the Configuration page in the site admin area.

Click Add repositories to add all repositories associated with your account, or read the documentation for adding repositories from other code hosts.

Click Save changes and follow prompt to restart server.

Step 3: Start searching your code

Done! You're ready to search your code.

Next steps

Customize and configure your Sourcegraph Server.

Deploy to the cloud

Follow our quick tutorial to deploy your Sourcegraph Server on Google Cloud Platform to share links, search results, and saved queries with your team.

Questions/feedback? Contact us at @srcgraph or [email protected], or file issues on our public issue tracker.