Sourcegraph extension [Safari specific]: code intelligence on GitHub

The Sourcegraph GitHub extension will add go-to-definition, find-references, hover tooltips, and code search to all GitHub files and Pull Requests.

By default, the extension will add code intelligence and code search to public repositories. The extension can be configured to work on private code by connecting it to a Sourcegraph Server instance that has code intelligence.

  1. Install the Sourcegraph browser extension for Safari by opening this link in Safari.

  2. If you're running your Sourcegraph Server instance on localhost, use ngrok to create a secure tunnel your localhost instance.

  3. Update your configuration to include your GitHub instance in the CORS origin.

       // ...
       "corsOrigin": "",
       // ...

  4. Click the extension icon to connect the browser extension to your Sourcegraph Server instance. Then, fill in the Sourcegraph URL field with your Sourcegraph Server URL and hit save.


You're done! You'll now get code intelligence and code search on GitHub for all private repositories that you've added to Sourcegraph Server.