Code intelligence overview

Code intelligence is a paid upgrade. See setup instructions for code intelligence on Sourcegraph or Sourcegraph Data Center.

Code intelligence provides advanced code navigation and cross-references for your code on Sourcegraph, your code host, and your code review tools:

  • Hover tooltips with documentation and type signatures
  • Go-to-definition
  • Find references
  • Symbol search

Code intelligence is provided by language servers that run securely in your self-hosted Sourcegraph instance. These language servers perform advanced, scalable code analysis and are derived from our popular open-source language servers in use by hundreds of thousands of developers in editors and on

By spinning up Sourcegraph, you can get code intelligence:

  • On the Sourcegraph web interface
  • On code files on your code host, via our integrations
  • On diffs in your code review tool, via our integrations
  • Via the Sourcegraph API (for programmatic access)

Hover tooltips with documentation and type signatures

hover tooltip

Go to definition

Find references

GitHub pull request and file integration

Symbol search


Symbol sidebar



Sourcegraph's code intelligence supports code written in the following programming languages:

Interested in a language that's not listed here? Post or subscribe to an issue for the language on the Sourcegraph issue tracker. Contact us if your organization would like to expedite development of a particular language.

Open standards

Code intelligence is powered by language servers based on the open-standard Language Server Protocol (published by Microsoft, with participation from Facebook, Google, Sourcegraph, GitHub, RedHat, Twitter, Salesforce, Eclipse, and others).

Hundreds of thousands of developers already use Sourcegraph's language servers in their editor or while browsing public code on Microsoft's Visual Studio Code and GitHub's Atom editors both use Sourcegraph language servers in official editor extensions. The language servers used for code intelligence on Sourcegraph and Sourcegraph Data Center are based on our widely used language servers, with extensive improvements for performance, cross-repository definitions and references, security, isolation, type/build inference, and robustness.

For more information about the Language Server Protocol (LSP), visit Microsoft's official LSP site. For a more detailed list of existing language servers, visit (maintained by Sourcegraph).

If you're a language server developer, see documentation on adapting a language server to work with Sourcegraph.

Getting started

Code intelligence is a paid upgrade but free to use for 14 days. Buy code intelligence.

Interested in trying it out first on public code? See this sample file on