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We’re building the only AI coding assistant
that knows your entire codebase

Cody answers technical questions and writes code directly in your IDE, using your code graph for context and accuracy.

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Code faster with AI-assisted autocomplete

Cody autocompletes single lines, or whole functions, in any programming language, configuration file, or documentation.

Every day, Cody help developers write > 25,000 lines of code

Cody autocomplete is improving every day

High-quality autocomplete must balance speed and accuracy. We’re actively experimenting with new LLMs and context retrieval methods to build the best autocomplete experience.

Cody’s broad training data means it supports all programming languages, but it works especially well for Python, Go, JavaScript, and TypeScript.

Cody auto complete

Powerful and accurate

Embeddings for greater codebase context


Supports all code hosts and multiple LLM options

Scalable and secure

Zero retention on inputs and outputs, Indemnity

Cody is available for:
IntelliJ IDE marketplace


VS Code IDE Marketplace

VS Code

NeoVim IDE
Coming soon
Emacs IDE
Coming soon
Cody Chat

AI-powered chat for your code

Cody chat helps unblock you when you’re jumping into new projects, trying to understand legacy code, or taking on tricky problems.

Cody can answer questions like:

How is this repository structured?

What does this file do?

Where is X component defined?

Why isn’t this code working??

Cody Chat interface
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Run custom and pre-built commands

Write, describe, fix, and smell code with commands.
We’re adding new commands frequently, plus you can create & share your own custom commands.

Cody knows your code

Cody uses context to answer questions that require an understanding of multiple files or even entire repositories. Plus, this context allows Cody to make suggestions that use your own APIs and idioms.

We’re experimenting with several methods of context retrieval to improve Cody’s accuracy, including embeddings, keyword search, and hybrid search.


Cody context architecture

Context awareness is key to the quality and precision of Cody. This paper outlines how Cody fetches the right context at the right time to answer queries.

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Free forever for individual devs on public and private code, with a generous rate limit.

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Beta access available to Code Search customers.