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Onboard everyone faster

It's not just new developers who need to onboard faster. Every developer is constantly onboarding, because the amount of new and unfamiliar code grows every day.

Sourcegraph’s web interface enables sharing links to specific code, so questions get answered faster and with less effort. For remote and distributed teams, code links become essential conduits of knowledge, shared hundreds of times per day over chat, on issue trackers, and in documentation. This improves everyone’s efficiency, and reduces the time to first commit for new hires.

For our new developers, Sourcegraph has been invaluable to get to know the repository structure, to track down where code lives, and self-service during their investigations.

Owen Kim, Senior Software Engineer, Convoy
Developers at Convoy onboard faster with Sourcegraph

Enhance developer efficiency

Improve productivity by enabling developers to stay in flow and find answers quickly. Sourcegraph’s browser-based interface minimizes the impact of context switches to streamline day-to-day tasks. This lets developers maintain their editor state while exploring other parts of the code, greatly improving programming productivity.

Sourcegraph is an ingrained part of my daily process at SoFi. With Sourcegraph, our engineers can understand all of the repercussions of committing a change to a service that is exposed to other services.

Ursula Robertson, Engineering Manager, SoFi
SoFi adopts Sourcegraph to manage hundreds of microservices

Find security problems in hours, not days

Identify incident root causes with confidence, improve production stability, and reduce the time to recovery. Find breaking changes, with diff and commit search returning all matching search results to identify everywhere a pattern, package, or API is used. Mitigate tech security and compliance risks with saved searches to alert for known vulnerabilities and risky code changes. Then, use Batch Changes to automate the process of fixing, merging, and deploying the necessary changes across codebases.

Sourcegraph’s search gave us confidence because we knew we wouldn't overlook anything. Sourcegraph returns all search results, it doesn’t drop or elide them.

Simon Law, Staff Software Engineer, Quantcast
Quantcast adopts Sourcegraph for large-scale refactoring

Catch more bugs with better code reviews

Mistakes that slip past code review are 10x harder to fix. Make code reviews fast, thorough, and less painful — no more tl;dr – and catch bugs before build. Sourcegraph’s code intelligence paired with live data pulled from external services means code reviews are done right.

Watch how Sid Sijbrandij (GitLab CEO) and Quinn Slack (Sourcegraph CEO) do code reviews.

In a code review, you're given a very truncated view of the code, from dozens of different places, different repos, or different libraries. It can be difficult, particularly if you're not an expert in that codebase, to grok all of that stuff instantly. Being able to get contextual information on code reviews, particularly across repos, is really useful.

Trent Grover, Director of Architecture, Workiva

Fix things quickly and safely

Teams use Batch Changes to swiftly and securely remove legacy code, fix critical security issues, pay down tech debt, and make large-scale code changes and refactors across the entire codebase:
  • Remove deprecated code (like a Java artifact or package.json dependency) and change the APIs used across the entire organization
  • Identify everywhere a vulnerable package or API is used, and open issues or pull requests on all affected projects
  • Keep library dependencies (and how to use those libraries) up to date and consistent across the entire codebase

Sourcegraph gives us the ability to search for and refactor references to deprecated services, libraries, URL patterns, and more across our 2000+ repositories, and the confidence that we're not leaving anyone behind.

Aneesh Agrawal, Software Engineer, Lyft
Lyft uses Sourcegraph to ensure production stability

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