Sourcegraph strategy


Sourcegraph exists to create a world where everyone builds software. A world where everyone, not just ~0.2% of the world’s population (people who can code today), builds software will see faster and more broadly beneficial technological progress.

Everyone, in every community, in every country, and in every industry–not just the ones working at the half-dozen dominant tech companies–needs to be able to build software with the very best tools, libraries, and technologies. This is the only way the world will sustain broad economic growth and build the innovations we need in transportation, agriculture, communication, health care, energy, construction, etc.

If you think everyone building software will never happen, ask yourself: is coding more like reading and writing (which virtually everyone does) or publishing books (which ~0.1% of the population does)?


To achieve our purpose, our mission is to give every organization the ability to build software with the efficiency and quality of today’s elite tech companies.


Our values are the principles we want to uphold as we work toward our mission.


With Sourcegraph:

  • Developers have a single place to go to answer questions and get unblocked while writing, reviewing, and reading code.
  • Engineering leaders and internal tools teams have a single place where they can automate and extend parts of the development workflow.


Our direction describes what more we plan to build to make this vision real.

Goals (OKRs)

Our goals (OKRs) describe what each of us is doing this quarter to work toward our mission.