Why Chris joined Sourcegraph

Chris Wendt

Having worked at GitHub and spent more time than is probably warranted tweaking my dotfiles, I consider myself a developer tools enthusiast. Recently, I found myself spending more and more of my free time smoothing out my development process, including hacking on auto-import for Haskell in VS Code and automatically managing Nix shells.

Sourcegraph's browser extension blew my mind when I first saw the go-to-definition tooltip in the GitHub file view. I had been keeping an eye on the company, and I was impressed by both how quickly I was able to get an instance running and how many awesome features were shipped in each release. In addition, the master plan to bring the future sooner clearly resonated with me.

There is a massive gap between how deeply static analysis tools understand code and how little of that information is available in developer workflows such as code review, navigation, and searching. I'm excited to bridge that gap at Sourcegraph and build the global code graph!

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @chrismwendt if you'd like to ask me anything!

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