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Universal Code Intelligence for GitHub with the Sourcegraph browser extension

Ryan Blunden

Universal Code Intelligence means having essential code navigation features such as hover tooltips, go to definition, and find references wherever you read or write code, supporting every popular language, for every public or private repository, on any branch. For GitHub specifically, this means bringing code intelligence to both GitHub Enterprise and

The Sourcegraph browser extension brings Universal Code Intelligence to GitHub, quickly and for free. It works immediately, and without configuration for open source repositories using, and for private repositories with a self-hosted Sourcegraph instance.

Below are links to the resources required to get started:

Setting up Universal Code Intelligence for private repositories on GitHub

This screencast takes you step-by-step (with accompanying voiceover) through how to install and configure Sourcegraph Universal Code Search and Intelligence for GitHub to support private repositories, and only takes around 5 minutes.

Talk to us about bringing Universal Code Intelligence to your GitHub hosted repositories

Let us guide you, as we have with dozens of other enterprise organizations in bringing code intelligence to every repository for every developer internally with an in-depth demonstration of code intelligence, including how to get precise code intelligence (using LSIF).

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