Sourcegraph one-click install available from DigitalOcean's new Marketplace

Written by Ryan Blunden

Today, DigitalOcean released their new Marketplace, a platform for partners such as Sourcegraph to provide trusted, pre-configured Droplets that install in one-click and are ready in 60 seconds or less.

What is Sourcegraph? Sourcegraph is a code search and intelligence tool for developers. It lets you search and explore all of your organization’s code on the web, with integrations into your existing tools.

One-click Sourcegraph deployment solutions such as the DigitalOcean marketplace make it possible for any developer to bring Sourcegraph's code search and intelligence to their organization, regardless of their knowledge of technologies such as Docker.

New customers can get $100 starting balance (60 day expiry) when deploying Sourcegraph through the Marketplace.

We love that DigitalOcean has made it so easy to deploy Sourcegraph and we'd love your feedback via a GitHub issue, tweet (@srcgraph) or email.