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Sourcegraph 3.31 release

Sourcegraph 3.31 is now available! Here are some highlights from this release:

We're moving to Alpine-based database images

We've switched our built-in main Postgres and codeintel databases to an Alpine-based Docker image to resolve vulnerabilities found in Debian. This requires re-indexing the database when upgrading to 3.31, which can take up to a few hours on systems with large datasets. Read more on how to prepare for the update here.

Saved search notifications are migrating to code monitoring

Email notifications for saved searches are being deprecated in favor of code monitoring notifications. Similar to email notifications for saved searches, code monitoring allows you to keep track of and get notified about changes in your code. Some use cases for code monitors include getting notifications for potential secrets, anti-patterns, or common typos committed to your codebase. Read more about code monitoring.

If you are using email notifications for existing saved searches, there is now a button to automatically migrate to code monitoring. Note that existing email notifications for saved searches will be removed in the future.

We're working to index the open source universe on Sourcegraph cloud

Sourcegraph is working to index every open source GitHub and GitLab repository with 1 or more stars. Users can search this index of open source code on Sourcegraph cloud, and you can read about why we're doing this on our blog.

Also, if you'd like utilize this open source index with your Sourcegraph deployment, you can set up federation for your instance.

Changelog highlights

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