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Sourcegraph 3.25 release

Changelog highlights

AdminGo `1.15` introduced changes to SSL/TLS connection validation which requires certificates to include a `SAN`. This field was not included in older certificates and clients relied on the `CN` field. You might see an error like `x509: certificate relies on legacy Common Name field`. We recommend that customers using Sourcegraph with an external database that is connected using SSL/TLS check whether the certificate is up to date. AWS RDS customers please reference AWS' documentation ( on updating the SSL/TLS certificate for steps to rotate your certificate.SearchStructural search now supports searching unindexed revisions and indexed branches other than default.SearchExperimental: The webapp can now stream search results to the client, improving search performance. To enable it, add `{ "experimentalFeatures": { "searchStreaming": true } }` in user settings.AdminNew product research sign-up page added to user settings. Users can now opt in to participate in user research and provide feedback. Use the new site config option `productResearchPage.enabled` to disable access to the product research sign-up page.AdminSecrets (such as access tokens and passwords) will now appear as REDACTED when editing external service config, and in graphql API responses.SearchImproved performance of structural search on monorepo deployments.CampaignsWhen previewing a campaign spec, changesets can be filtered by current state or the action(s) to be performed.AdminExperimental: Sync Perforce depots directly through the Sourcegraph UI. To enable, use the feature flag `"experimentalFeatures": { "perforce": "enabled" }`. For more information on how to add your Perforce depots, please reference our docs (
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