Poetically simple code review

By John Rothfels on August 26, 2016

(Note: if you want to skip the poetry and just check out the project, click here)

Begin code review. Too many lines, what to do? Hmm. LGTM?

![](/blog-images/1*KbPOkjIgK5Y9-znSHL0ymg.png" description="Code review is tedious." %}

There’s a better way to review fast but ensure good code quality:

One-click jump-to-def and hover over for docs. Save time and focus:

Find refs globally. See where the code’s being used. Learn by example —

A good example is worth a thousand lines of documentation.

Search across symbols when you’re looking for something, but it’s not onscreen:

Stop context-switching and getting lost line by line in so many tabs.

There’s a better way   — a Google Chrome extension. Try it out today.

No more git cloning, no more grepping and moaning. Just point, click, review.

(P.S. with Go support, and TypeScript and JavaScript in beta  — more langs on the way.)

P.P.S. Each stanza of this post was a haiku. If you think there’s something poetic about good code and good code reviews, follow us on Twitter or check out Sourcegraph.