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More powerful code search on Sourcegraph

Quinn Slack on

Today, we're releasing more powerful code search on and Sourcegraph. You can use operators such as repo: and file: to restrict your search to certain repositories and files (by regular expression match on their name).

For example, repo:foo will restrict your query to repositories whose name contains “foo,” and likewise for file:bar.

Search scopes make it easier to quickly search only among the code you care about, such as all JavaScript files or only non-vendored code.

Search scopes demo, a more powerful code search on Sourcegraph

Try it out at or on a self-hosted Sourcegraph instance now.

Use the search fields on the homepage to construct your query the first few times.

As you continue using it, you can express your query more quickly by using the operators (repo: and file:, etc.) in the main search box. Here are some sample queries (across a sample set of open source projects) to get you started:

Let us know what you think on Twitter (@sourcegraph). To get advanced code search for your company’s code, install Sourcegraph.

p.s. One other minor improvement: You can now select multiple lines (and share a link to multiple lines) by shift-clicking on a line number to expand the selection when you’re viewing a code file.