Announcing Sourcegraph 2.0

By Quinn Slack on September 20, 2017

We’ve been hard at work on some major improvements to how you edit, search, and review code. Today we’re excited to announce four big new features.

Introducing Sourcegraph Editor

A more productive desktop code editor that connects to your code host so you can edit, search, and review across all your repositories. It works locally; your code never touches our servers. Built on Visual Studio Code and in private beta now (open source when the public beta begins).

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Introducing Sourcegraph Server

Already used by many of our customers and now available to all companies, Sourcegraph Server gives you code search and intelligence across all your company’s private and public code. It integrates with multiple code hosts, editors, and code review tools to increase productivity throughout the developer workflow.

Sourcegraph Server is what powers, and now you can run it inside your company's network.

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Explore open-source code with the new and browser extensions

Search and browse open-source code on and using our browser extensions (on GitHub), with full code intelligence: go-to-definition, find-references, etc. The full power of Sourcegraph is always free for open source.

What’s new and different:

  • A single search box to search code and repositories, with regular expression and other advanced query support
  • Streamlined interface for code navigation (with go-to-definition and find-references)
  • Private code is now only supported in Editor and Server, so we can focus on our products that reach all developers on any code host, without any obstacles to adoption

Use Sourcegraph at work

We hear overwhelmingly from our users: "I love Sourcegraph on open-source code, and I want to use it for work." Our new products are built to make this even easier. You can use Sourcegraph Editor yourself and get Sourcegraph Server for your whole company. Your code never touches our servers, and both products connect directly to your cloud or enterprise code hosts to work across all of your repositories.

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